AMC Mohawk Hudson

Welcome to the Mohawk Hudson Chapter of the AMC

Welcome to the AMC Mohawk Hudson Chapter, this site is dedicated to bringing you the latest from around your local AMC chapter. Here you’ll find news and information related to the chapter’s region and activities, resources to connect you with our chapter, and information on getting involved.

What’s new at Mohawk Hudson?

Chapter Annual Meeting – November 12
Our Annual Chapter Meeting this year will take place November 12th at 6 p.m. via Zoom. John Judge, AMC President and CEO, will be our guest speaker. Please join us for that event. Keep an eye out for a chapter-wide email message before the November 12 date for updates to the agenda and instructions for …
Ticks and Lyme Disease
yme disease is on the rise in our area and early detection and treatment is the key to avoid serious complications. First it’s important to thoroughly check for ticks, not only when you are outside but when you come in contact with a pet that has been outside. Lyme disease is caused by bacterium found …