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Trip Reports - 2019

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December 11 - Snow Hike at Thacher Park
It turned out that no one signed up for this hike so Will and Nancy did it by themselves. We headed p the trail directly behind Paint Mine parking lot, Will on skis and Nancy on snowshoes. The snow was consolidated and firm, not terribly icy, but still several inches deep. Coming down, Will was wishing he had on snowshoes but managed to negotiate the hill on his skis without falling.

  Leader: Will Crowther  Participants: Nancy Crowther

Will at Thacher

November 13 - Mohawk River State Park
Only Jean Laverdure showed up in the bitter cold. To quote him, it was cold, but his hands did eventually warm up, and the trails were not too badly iced up, but he wore his microspikes and easily managed a 2.8 mile / 1:35 hour loop on a nice clear day in transcendent solitude.

  Leader: Jean Laverdure

October 30 - Harrier Hill to Greenport
We had a mild but gray day for our hike between these two conservation areas. Harrier Hill is a Scenic Hudson Property. Greenport Conservation Area is a Columbia Land Conservancy property. We first viewed the Catskills accross the Hudson from Harrier Hill and then returned to begin the connector trail. Unfortunately, the trail markers for the first mile of the trail seem to have vanished from the leader's last trip, and she missed the first turn. After a bit, it became clear that we had gone too far, retraced our steps and found the turn and completed our hike with lunch at the end.

  Leader: Sharon Bonk  Participants: Katie Henrikson, Nancy Crowther, Will Crowther

October 26 - Turkey Hill to Beebe Hill Fire Tower
The on-line MTB (Mountain Bike) Project boasts that "In the first five years, Beebe Hill has seen an eruption of well-built trails. The area has gone from 2.0 miles to 20.0 miles in that short time and is quickly becoming a destination" which Bob and I can attest to as parking for us, on a beautiful fall least of foliage day, was a last slot in one of two large lots to either side of County Route 5 with many mountain bikers (hikers fewer climbing to Fire Tower) all about swiftly running trails, and smaller side trails some in large groups with even one solitary biker making his way back to Harvey Mountain's parking area along a now, some of it leaf cleared, well built main line Red Trail. (4.3 miles / 3:18 hours)

  Leader: Jean André Laverdure  Participants: Bob Armao

October 14 - Erie Canal Trail: Pattersonville to Schoharie Crossing
when we gathered at the trail head, it was cold and foggy (!), but bundled up we began our 26 mile (RT) journey. The sun soon burned off the fog. We were treated to a view of a Canadian tour boat coming from Montreal via Lake Ontario, We cycled down to the lock and were able to converse with passengers and crew as they went through lock 10 on their way to NYC via Troy, Kingston and Newburg. In Amsterdam we left the bike path and explored a new riverfront park the Mohawk Valley Gateway Outlook which had a new pedestrian bridge with lovely landscaping, historical markers and commemorative art recognizing the natives and Amsterdam's population of settlers and immigrants from many countries. We lunched on the canal bank at the S. Crossing. A beautiful day for a ride by the canal/river.

  Leader: Sharon Bonk  Participants: Karen Lydon, Will Crowther, Janet Angelis, Deb Richards, Laura Fiske

Mohawk Valley Gateway Overlook

October 11 - Stissing Mountain and Thompson Pond
Three MH members and a Berkshire member met in Pine Plains, NY to ascend the 1400' Stissing Mountain located between the Taconic Parkway and Connecticut in Duchess County. This mountain is an unusual outcrop of gneiss over one billion years old; it was lifted through and over other later geological formations. The mountain and pond are featured in the Am. Museum of Natural History classic diorama hall. We climbed the 90' fire tower and viewed the ponds, the Appalachian ridge to the east and the Catskills to the west. We picnicked by the pond which we circuited.

  Leader: Sharon Bonk  Participants: Blanche Nelson, Karen Ross, Elizabeth Dillman

At the base of the Stissing Mt. Fire Tower

September 23 - Cycle: Schenectady to Rotterham Junction
It was a fine day to cycle along the Mohawk on the Canal Trailway. The leaves were turning. We finished before the predicted clouds moved in.

  Leader: Sharon Bonk  Participants: Mary MacDonald, Peg Grogan, Bob Fakudiny, Anne Finch, Will Crowther, Nancy Crowther

September 18 - Schoharie Crossing Yankee Hill Lock walk
We met at Yankee Hill Lock in Amsterdam where there is an old building that used to be used as a store for people navigating the Erie Canal. We walked toward the Fort Johnson visitor center, two and a half miles away. Some of the group made the whole round trip, and some turned around when almost to the visitor center, making their walk a bit less than 5 miles. We saw locks from the original canal, locks from the enlarged canal, and the Barge Canal (the Mohawk River.)

  Leader: Nancy Crowther  Co-leader: Will Crowther  Participants: Donna Farber, Sharon Bonk, Gerry Weber, Linda Novak, Anne Finch, Bob Fakundiny

The whole gang in front of the old store

June 26 - Huckleberry Point Hike
Will led a small group on a beautiful day on the Huckleberry Point trail in the Catskills. The mountain laurel bushes were in full bloom and spectacular, and the view over the Hudson was undisturbed by fog or clouds. The trail was not too muddy in spite of the recent rains. There was some trouble meeting up with hikers at the beginning. The trailhead is hard to find, so people who did not meet at the park and ride had trouble. Next year we will establish a starting point somewhere in a nearby town so it can be found more easily.

  Leader: Will Crowther  Participants: Anneliese Lawson, Ellen Kozlowski, Bob Koppe (from Colorado, AMC member)

May 29 - Tyringham Cobble, Shaker Series 4
It was a beautiful late spring day in the Berkshires, with sun, orioles, bluebirds, and redwing blackbirds welcoming us to our hike up and around Tyringham Cobble with a bit of the Appalachian Trail added to give us some additional up and down mileage. We saw one through hiker on his way south.
Shakers had settled in the village in 1785, but closed the community in 1875. Lands were sold off in many parcels so there is just the Shaker spirit left when you view the beautiful farm land in the valley. We added a trip to the village cemetary where we found graves of Revolutionary War and War of 1812 soldiers.

  Leader: Sharon Bonk  Participants: Katie Henrikson, Diane Allegro, Jane McCloskey

Some bad "hombres" on the trail

May 25 - Hoosac Range Trail
Three amblers in a cloud of black flies, we reached Spruce Hill’s open summit in breeze and views to Mt Greylock, free of the flies now for a bit of lunch and more converse till joined by a large crowd of youngsters, our trek back returned to being a solitary one in the company of flies, so we made no long stops 'tho agin' visited Sunset Rock on our return to the Mohawk Trail. (RT 5.75 miles / 5 hours)

  Leader: Jean André Laverdure  Participants: Pat Higgins, Kathryn Dannemann

Mount Greylock at our rest stop and lunch.

May 15 - Hadley Mountain Hike
This was a popular hike with many signups, wonderful weather after weeks of rain, and several other (much younger) hikers on the trail. Nancy was not able to go due to foot surgery, but Will led the group of 10. We were wrong at guessing that it would be too early for the black flies — they were out, but at least not biting and the wind kept them off the top of the mountain. Due to all the rain, the trail had slippery wet leaves on it and the hikers had to be careful. One of us had to turn back but another hiker stayed with him. The fire tower was open and many of the hikers went to the top and enjoyed the beautiful -- but windy -- view.

  Leader: Will Crowther  Participants: Anneliese Lawson, Gerry Weber, Kathleen Helfrich, Deb Spicer, Ellen Kozlowski, Peter Bishop, Deb Richards, Margie Litwin, Janet Angelis

May 4 - Berlin Mountain Hike
One hiker accompanied leader Kevin Cox on the May 4th hike to Berlin Mountain (Kathleen Helfrinch) . The day was wet and mild. The hike was 5.9 miles, round trip. It was an enjoyable hike.

  Leader: Kevin Cox  Participants: Kathleen Helfrich

View from Berlin Mountain

April 24 - Peebles Island hike
Peebles Island hike, 4/24/19. We had a good-sized, friendly group with several new people. Nancy had recent foot surgery and could not walk it in her boot, but the rest had fun. Saw very full waterfalls, and an eagle nest with the eagle in it! We then ate our lunch at the Pavilion overlooking the river.

  Leader: Will Crowther  Participants: Nancy Crowther, Sharon Bonk, Linda Novak, Nancy Wing, Donna Farber, Gerry Weber, Martha Zibro, Bob Armao, Pat Rush, Patty Costa, Dorothy Russell

The group (minus Nancy) at lunch on the river

April 13 - Alander Mountain Loop
Alander Mountain Loop from the Mount Washington State Forest Headquarters on April 13,2019. The skies were overcast at the start.By the time,we reached the summit of Alander,the clouds were lifting away.We followed the South Taconic Trail to the Blue Connector Trail.We had a great view of the Catkills off the South Taconic Trail.On the Ashley Hill Trail, Mike pointed out a couple of beaver dams in the brook.We had a great hike,although the loop was 9.8 miles long.

  Leader: Kevin Cox  Participants: Mike Boucher, Lois Lawson, Margaret Indephees, Janet Angelis, Deb Richards, Melinda Raley, Bob Armao

February 16 - Codfish Point
Two AMC hikers, we enjoyed a beautiful day of "fresh air" snowshoeing (4.40 miles / 4:12 hours). A hard crust was walked by a pair ahead of us while at the Devil’s Kitchen Lean-to a pair of DEC Rangers snowshoed past. The point’s furniture of quarry stone allowed the four of us to later sit dry, enjoying here a warm sunny day’s expansive view. Once back at the start, we took a short detour via the Nature Trail to high above a frozen Plattekill Clove before our hike ended re-crossing the Long Path’s replica king-post bridge. Driving to the trail head we’d seen ice / rock climbers at the bottom of Rte 23A and leaving it we met a hay wagon ride pulled by two horses, so much awesome nature today.

  Leader: Jean André Laverdure  Participants: Lisa Sarajian

Codfish Point

January 12 - Harvey Mountain Hike
We hiked a 5 mile loop up the red trail to Harvey Mountain in about 8" of snow on a bitterly cold day with a bright blue sky and snow laden trees. At the top we were able to warm ourselves in a calm sunny spot before coming down via a logging road and a park road.

  Leader: Sharon Bonk  Participants: Linda Neil, Mary MacDonald, Julita Rameriez, Lynne Nagengast, Dave Nagengase, Sheila Rorke

It was a COLD day

January 10 - Cherry Plain Snowshoe
Although it was brown in the valley, we encountered a winter wonderland at Cherry Plain State Park and used snowshoes for our 4 mile loop hike. The activity was scheduled for the 9th but moved to the 10th because of weather.

  Leader: Sharon Bonk  Participants: Christiane Mulvihill, Rita Cedar, Susan Phelps, Dave Cedar, Ann Rokeach, Mike Boucher

Winter Wonderland in Cherry Plain SP

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