How to Know If You’re Transgender

You’ve had this feeling for awhile. Something isn’t right. You see other people your age live in their bodies perfectly fine. But for some reason you don’t feel the same. You don’t know why. Because of that, you might be wondering if you’re transgender. Why do I feel this way? It’s tough. Believe me, I … Read more

How to Know If You’re Transfeminine

(I define transfemininity briefly in the article you’re reading, but check out this AAG article if you want a more thorough explanation of the identity.) (Conversely, this article is going to focus on if you’re transfeminine but in the gender binary (e.g., transgender). If you think you might be transgender, check out this article.) Boy. … Read more

How to Know If You Have Gender Dysphoria

It’s that quiet sense of discomfort. It’s hard to diagnose, like a creak in your house in the middle of the night. What is it? And why can’t you stop thinking about it? Having gender dysphoria is like having a creaky body, where certain aspects of yourself ping at you and you don’t know why. … Read more

What Does It Mean to be Non-Binary

What Does It Mean to be Non-Binary? Let’s Clear Up Some Confusion Non-Binary Means Non-Cis Practical Ways to Know You’re Non-Binary Things to Help You Figure Out if You’re Non-Binary “How I Knew I Was Non-Binary” Personal Stories People often have “gender reveal” parties for their babies. You’ll see balloons in grocery stores that say, … Read more

How to come out as non binary

Congratulations! You’ve realized an important aspect of yourself and your identity. Pat yourself on the back for taking one step closer to understanding who you are. But while you know who you are, other people don’t. You have to tell them, which brings us to the scary world of coming out — especially coming out … Read more